Parnitha National Park

The Parnitha National Park commands particular ecological interest and can constitute a reserve for the protection and preservation of Southern Greece’s flora and fauna. The Parnitha flora is one of the richest in Greece, boasting 818 recorded plant species, certain among which are endemic or listed as critically endangered.

The area’s fauna includes many species protected under law both at national and international level. Indicative is the fact that Parnitha is the only area in Southern Greece where the red deer (Cervus elaphus) still survives. Parnitha’s proximity to Athens, coupled with its great aesthetic and ecological importance advocate its importance.

Area: 20,000 hectares

In 1961 the entire mountain (~25,000 hectares) was declared a National Park.

The Marathon Lake

The Marathon Lake is an artificial lake at a distance of about 45 km from the centre of Athens. This lake actually works like a water reservoir that supplies the town of Athens with drinking water. The dam was contructed from 1926 to 1929 to cover the growing needs of the capital for water after the huge immigration wave that followed the Asia Minor War (1919-1922). This was the sole water supplier for Athens till 1959, when water was pubbled from Yliki Lake, close to the town of  Thebes.

The American company Ulen&Co was selected to construct the dam, a 54 m tall and 285 m long gravity dam. The dam is found about 10 min drive from the location of the Marathon Battle, signifying the connection of future with the past and was built with high-quality Pantelic marble, the same material that was used in the Parthenon. At the base of the dam, the workers built a replica of the Athenian Treasury Temple in Delphi. The plaque on this reads: To commemorate their victory at the battle of Marathon, the Athenians erected a treasury at Delphi. This building is a replica and commemorates a victory at Marathon in wrestling from nature its life giving water for the citizens of Athens.

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